Anyango "Ogwang" from "Kilimanjaro"

Anyango "Ogwang" from "Kilimanjaro" check it out on Youtube!!

Anyango "Kilimanjaro"

It is 10 years since Anyango met the Nyatiti, her new album released this autumn.

Anyango invited a pair unit "yuLa" as co-producers, the member of "yuLa" is a world famous violinist, composer Aska Kaneko and a producer, composer Mitsuto Suzuki (SQUARE ENIX), well known for "Final Fantasy" series. This album will show you a fusion of the African roots music and the current electro music, the West and the East, the fusion of versatile culture, and the kaleidoscopic music world.

A big challenge of free and innovative musical experiments, and the beautiful world that consists the traditional sound of Nyatiti, clear sound of voice and violin. The ultimate Gaia-Music is born!

Anyango has matured and mellowed as a Nyatiti player and this autumn her new ground released.


"Kilimanjaro" Information

  • Title:Kilimanjaro
  • Artist: Anyango
  • Label:JOWI music
  • Release Date:2014.9.28(Sun)in Japan
  • Online distribution:Now planning (2014.11~)

Description of Anyango's 5th Album

”Kilimanjaro” is the highest mountain on the African Continent and is located on the equator and has snow on the peak even throughout the summer. I named my 5th album "Kilimanjaro" to show my respect of the African people and their culture.

In this year of 2014, it has been 10 years since I fell in love with the Nyatiti, the traditional instrument of the Luo people in Kenya. And it has also been 10 years since, I was given the name Anyango by my Nyatiti master.

So this is a very important year, which marks a special stage in my life. ”Kilimanjaro” is a Anyango's new album to celebrate this glorious occasion.

My master of Nyatiti was Okumu Orengo, but sadly he passed away 3 years ago. On the day I became a Nyatiti player, my master gave me this message. "Anyango, play this instrument anywhere I will not be able to go."

The places where the great master can't go, I do not think this means only geographical locations. In closing, I dedicate a heartfelt thanks to every person who inspired and supported me to get me where I am today.

With Love, Anyango 2014


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